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Bhaderwah Tourism

Bhaderwah Tourism

Jammu & Kashmir had been a much craved holiday spot even before Bollywood made it famous. Even the Mughal royals chose to retreat to the Kashmiri valleys and hills during the scorching continental summers. It is no surprise that tourists from around the world congregate in Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy the natural and cultural exquisiteness of the much disputed State. There are many famous destinations in Jammu and Kashmir that tourists throng to. If you wish to visit a lesser known destination in Jammu and Kashmir that promises to offer you the best of the land then you should choose to visit Bhaderwah.

Travel in Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah town is located in the Doda district of Jammu region in Jammu and Kashmir. The best way to reach Bhaderwah is by road from Jammu city. Depending on the vehicle you take, the approximately 200 km trip can be made in 4-6 hours. A faster route would be the rail route to Ram Nagar from where you need to take a 2 and half hour ride by road to Bhaderwah. The town is well connected. So you can use public transport within the town as well as to reach the destinations outside the town limits.

Places to Stay in Bhaderwah

Kashi Yatra offers hundreds of pilgrims a reason to stop at Bhaderwah. Bhaderwah acts as a stop for the pilgrims who embark on their journey to Kashi. Apart from the Kashi Yatra, there are many festivals that draw pilgrims and tourists from various parts of the world to the town. Since there is a constant flow of travelers in the town, there are many hotels and guest houses. Various resorts are occupied by tourists while even the temples offer refuge to pilgrims.

If you end up visiting Bhaderwah during any festival then you might have to book well in advance. There is very little chance of not getting a place to stay in Bhaderwah.

Hotels in Bhaderwah

There are many hotels in this city and some prominent ones are- Asha Pati View Hotel, Hotel Bagwan Guest House, Fiza Guest House, Hotel Surya, Igloo Huts at Khellani at Nalthi Park, Nirmal Guest House, Sky Mark Hotel, Snow Valley Guest House, Trc Bhaderwah Hotel series and Winners Guest House.

When you are travelling to Bhaderwah the first thing you will be looking for is a good hotel to stay, is not it? Well then for your help some of the famous hotels along with their contact details have hereby been enlisted below:

Sky Mark Hotel

Sky mark is one of the most reputed hotels in this city today due to their extremely friendly ambience. This hotel is enriched with 11 luxurious rooms for the customers along with attached bath rooms. Now the best part is in case you are coming in a group and looking for your own kitchen, then this hotel even provides you to have your personal kitchen which is commendable.
Address: Bhaderwah, Doda City, Doda Jammu, Jammu, Pin code- 182202
Phone Number: +91- 9906195811

Hotel Surya

This is another good hotel in case you are coming to the town for the first time. Along with 10 double beds and fully furnished attached bathrooms it will be a good choice for you to stay in. Main facilities of this hotel encompass veg and non-veg food habits of different guests. Deluxe rooms mostly have open view and light and air is abundant in such rooms. Balconies have views of the scenic beauty of the town. Attendants service here round the clock.
Address: JAI Rd, Bhaderwah, Doda Jammu, Jammu, Pin code– 182202
Phone Number: 01997-24416

Hotel Broadway

It is situated in the middle area of the town. It offers deluxe rooms with carpet along the walls with attached bathroom and running hot and cold water. Rooms have television sets,  telephone lines. They give various facilities of kitchen for tourists who come in small and big groups. This hotel has separate arrangements for additional persons, if any.
Address: Bhaderwah, Doda, Doda Jammu, Jammu, Pin code- 182202
Phone Number: 9419224585

Zainab Hotel

This hotel provides several luxurious facilities to their guests. Wooden floorings in majority of the hotel rooms beat the coldness of the rooms. Comfortable beddings are essential for quick naps in the chilled town. This hotel also boasts of an awesome restaurant for the guests so that they do not have to go out for dinners and lunches.
Address: Bhaderwah, Doda, Jammu, Pin code- 182222
Phone Number: 946925124

Tourist Attractions in Bhaderwah

Religion plays a major role in the lives of the Bhaderwah inhabitants. Multiple temples offer pilgrims with a reason to visit Bhaderwah. But you do not have to be a pilgrim to enjoy the mystical magnificence of the temples in Bhaderwah.

The vanishing stream of the Gupt Ganga Temple draws many curious souls to the temple dedicated to Lord Shiv. Famous Laxmi Narayan temple is known for its history and architecture. The Subar Nag temple helps revisit the Naga culture of the region. Jamia Masjid is one of the oldest masjids in the Doda district. There are many more religious destinations in and around Bhaderwah where you can visit.

Let us now go into depths of Bhanderwah Tourist places:

Gupt Ganga Temple

This is an old Shiva temple in Bhaderwah which is made of stone slabs. The temple has a cave and as per a legend the Pandavas spent a few days here during their “Agyatvas”.  It is also said that Pandavas used this long cave to get to Kashmir from Bhaderwah. There is also a big footprint on a rock inside this temple which is ascribed to “Bhima”. Read More..............

Shitla Mata Rehoshera

Places to visit in BhaderwahThis ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Shitla and is positioned on a slanting hilltop.

A plethora of devotees throng this temple throughout the year to worship the deity. “Mundan” ceremony (first hair cut) of little children is celebrated in this temple and is accompanied by melodious sounds. On the eighth Navaratra, which falls on the month of September or October each year, the main function takes place inside the temple. During this function hundreds of lambs are offered to the deity and their flesh is cooked and distributed among the devotees as Prasad.

Vasuki Naag Temple

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

The deity of Vasuki Naag inside the Vasuki Naag temple located in Bhaderwah is spectacular and it is a marvel of sculpture and art. There are 2 statues of Raja Jamute Vahan and Naagraj Vasuki that are made of black colored stone. These idols stand at 87 degrees angle and that too without any kind of support from both sides. These idols have been resting in the same position for thousands of years despite of a lot of turmoils and geographical variations including severe earthquakes. The leaning position of these idols can be contrasted with Egypt’s leaning towers.

Jamia Masjid Bhaderwah

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

Jama Masjid is a marvelous mosque which is located in Bhaderwah. It is an amazing model of ancient architecture. Muslims flock this mosque in large numbers, especially on Fridays. This is the oldest mosque of Doda district and is about 118 years old. The striking design of the Jama Masjid enthralls the visitors. The mosque comprises a central building as well as 2 halls plus side rooms with 4 lofty minarets on its four corners.      

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

This is one of the most renowned temples of the Bhaderwah town. Beside this marvelous temple there exists a big inn which was mainly constructed for the tourists. Inside the temple there are two gorgeous idols of Lakshmi Mata and Lord Vishnu made of white colored marble. The entrance gate of the temple is quite big, wide and high. The temple was constructed with an amount of 1 lakh rupees. Read More...............

Thubu Naag Temple

Thubu Naag temple is located on a hillock a bit above the Bhaderwah-Jai road which disconnects Bhaderwah from the Chinta Valley. The main deity of this temple is “Thubu Naag” who is renowned for sanctifying his devotees with male child.

Nagni Maata

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

The Nagni Maata temple is positioned on the right side of the Bhaderwah-Jai road. This temple is believed to be the sister of the Thubu Naag. This holy temple is flocked by a plethora of devotees every year during the first day of Baisakh. During this time the devotees come here to pay homage to the Goddess “Nagni Maata”. Kirtan, Hawaan and Bhajans are executed all through the day with full religious zeal. The local people also organize “Langar” on this auspicious day.

Alalbani Temple

Alalbani temple is another very old temple positioned at a hilltop in Bhaderwah. The local people play old musical instruments (which are made of copper metal) to gratify the deity of the temple. It is said that the deity of this sacred temple has enormous spiritual powers. A large number of devotees throng this temple during the occasion of Janmashtami. According to the legends, a few years back, some intruders tried to seize a part of the land of this temple. However, all their efforts were in vain because of the prayers offered to the deity by the residents.

Subar Naag Temple

This temple is positioned at an altitude of approximately 8200 feet on a hilltop of Bhaderwah town. This 700 year ancient temple symbolizes the Naaga Cult. The main deity of this temple is the serpent “Subar Naag”. This sacred temple is thronged by a large number of devotees during Baisakhi. Till date, it is a ritual to sacrifice sheep by the devotees after they get their wishes fulfilled by the deity. Read More..............

Bhaderwah Fort

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

This is an ancient fort which is an honor for the former kings of Bhaderwah and Chamba. This fort was constructed in the year 1733. It also gave shelter to many freedom fighters like Sant Singh Teg, Pt. Kashyap Bandu and later on the ex-Chief Minister Shri Sheikh Mohd. Abdulla. In 1919, the fort was transformed into a jail. The Bhaderwah fort stands out from the crowd owing to its most up-to-date LED based light and sound system.

Valleys and Meadows outside Bhanderwah Town

While looking for natural beauties you need to wander to locations just outside of the Bhaderwah Town limits. The Jai Valley, Sarthal Valley, Chinta Valley and Seoj Meadow rival the beauty of more popular destinations like the Gulmargh and Pahalgam. Apart from the valleys, the Sonbain Glacier and many other destinations are a must visit while you are in Bhaderwah. You need to plan your trip well in advance if you wish to enjoy all that Bhaderwah region has to offer. Here are some of the most famous ones for you:
  • Chinta Valley
  • Padri
  • Jai Valley
  • Seoj Meadow
  • Nalthi Basti
  • Khani Top
  • Sartingal
  • Sarthal
  • Bhalessa
  • Hanhga, Noorie, Devchater and Kellar

Chinta Valley

Places near Bhaderwah

Chinta Valley is a scenic valley which is positioned at a height of 6500 ft. This picturesque place is surrounded by dense coniferous forests. The Chinta Nallah streams through this gorgeous valley. There are several places of attractions situated in the vicinity of this place. Thuba is one such tourist spot which is located across the Chinta Nallah. Tourists can enjoy the horse ride from Baggan to Thuba. Thuba happens to be the highest point which detaches the Chinta Valley from the town of Bhaderwah. This place also brags of an ancient Shiva temple. The renowned Subar Naag peak lies at a distance of 6 kms from the Chinta valley and is famous for the “Subar Naag” temple. From the Subar Naag peak one can have a view over the entire Bhaderwah town as well as the Chinta Valley. Chinta valley also abounds with a lot of adventurous activities for the tourists.


Places near Bhaderwah

Padri is situated 40 kms away from the Bhaderwah town on the Bhaderwah-Chamba road. This undulating landscape rests at an elevation of 10 thousand and 500 feet. This scenic place experiences heavy snowfall during the winter season and the snow melting goes on until mid of June. Padri is also one of the most sought-after picnic spots in Bhaderwah and especially its value has increased after the commencement of the interstate bus service connecting Bhaderwah and Chamba.  Every year in the month of July during the Mani-Mahesh Yatra, a large number of pilgrims go through Padri. Besides enjoying the natural splendor of the place the tourists can also take pleasure in an exciting horse ride on the pasture. Padri is also one of the most favorite spots for trekking.

Jai Valley

Places near Bhaderwah

This scenic valley is situated 32 kms away from the town of Bhaderwah. This valley is also famous as the Eco-health resort which is linked with the Bhaderwah town via Bhaderwah-Jai link road. The valley rests at a height of 7000 ft and is encircled by dense coniferous forests due to which the place turns out to be an ideal holiday destination. The extensive meadow of Jai valley is extended over 6 kilometers. Jai Valley has a lot of adventure activities to offer the tourists visiting the town of Bhaderwah.  The place offers nice accommodation to the tourists in the form of colorful and stylish “Igloo Huts”.

There is also a Youth Hostel which can house about 150 people and offers trekking and other adventure activities. In the east of this valley lies the Bhalessa Valley at a distance of 46 kilometers and is linked through the Jai-Bhalessa road. Jai Valley is also connected to the Kahara area which lies 27 kilometers away from it and is linked through the Kahara-Jai road. Jai valley is a perfect place for winter sports and people can enjoy it during the summer months as well when the valley remains crowned with snow. Tourists can also erect their own tents for several weeks and take pleasure in trekking and horse-riding in the blue streams pouring from the mountains. The Roshera Mata temple is about 2 kms away from Jai Valley and the Subar Naag temple is situated 4 kms away from Jai Valley. The valley is also popular for wild herbs such as Aconitum, Digitalis Purea and Podophyllum, just to name a few.

Seoj Meadow

Places near Bhaderwah

Seoj Meadow or Seoj Dhar is reckoned as a diamond in the crown of the town of Bhaderwah. This gorgeous valley is a pride of Jammu & Kashmir. A fast running stream which comes from the Kailash Kund Mountains flows by the western side of the Seoj Meadow. The breathtaking natural splendor of Seoj Meadow is no less than Pahalgam and Gulmarg. The meadow also offers an abundance of adventure activities.

There exist long stretches of grasslands on the eastern side of the Seoj Meadow.
Seoj Meadow is located 10 kilometers away from Bhaderwah. The total time taken to cover this distance is nearly 5 hours and it is carried out by riding on a horse. The clear water of Seoj stream pours down towards the Ramnagar zone in Udhampur district. Every year thousands of pilgrims embarking on the Kailash Yatra who come from Bhaderwah and even outside the state of J&K, camp at this stunning meadow.

Nalthi Basti

Places near Bhaderwah

Nalthi Basti is situated almost 10 kilometers from the town of Bhaderwah. This place is famous as a base camp for a large number of trekkers. Situated amid the nature, the trekkers erect their camps at Nalti Basti while they are on their way down or up Bhaderwah or Sarthal. This picturesque site is located under snow-clad mountains and is bordered by deodar tress, wild flowers and sprawling pastures. Nalthi Basti has now turned into an intersection point of the Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli road. During the summer time the chilly breeze coming from the snow-capped mountains glorifies this place even more.

Khani Top

Places near Bhaderwah

This charming meadow is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the town of Bhaderwah. This place can also be reckoned as an excellent picnic spot. Khani Top is also a perfect place for the trekkers who want to start their excursion to the Ashapati peak which shares its boundary with Himachal Pradesh. Amid the verdant greenery, Khani Top bestows a treasure of panoramic landscapes, especially at the time of dawn and dusk.


Places near Bhaderwah

Sartingal is another uncharted area which is positioned at the southern part of Bhaderwah. The distance of Sartingal from Bhaderwah is merely 4 kilometers.  The place stands out from the other sites because of the aromatic breeze that it receives from the Ashapati Hills, Kailash Mountain and the adjacent forests. Sartingal is popular for undulating streams and plains. The valley looks mesmerizing with mountains covered with forests and crystal clear streams in its background.


Places near Bhaderwah

Sarthal is a gorgeous valley which lies on the Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli road. This site has become a halt-station for the tourists who switch their path from Lakhanpur to the town of Bhaderwah through the Bani-Basohli road after giving a halt to their journey at this valley. The way which passes through Sarthal was a very old route for the town of Bhaderwah, Bani and Basohli regions as a very important connecting link via Chatergalla Pass (which is the highest pass in this region). This scenic valley is gifted with rare biodiversity. The valley serves as a sanctuary for bear, musk deer, tahr (Himalayan wild goat), leopard, western tragopon and monal. Apart from these there also exists a range of reptiles and birds in this region.


Places near Bhaderwah

Bhalessa is a tehsil in the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is gifted with natural splendor and is located at a distance of 24.5 kms from Bhaderwah. The picturesque environs of Bhalessa, the snow-capped mountains throughout the year and the exigent tracks enamor the trekkers and adventure lovers. Bhalessa offers both adventure as well as pilgrimage tourism to its visitors. The Durga Mata temple, Kalgoni temple and Tipri Khal Jugasar are some important places of religious interest in Bhalessa. Bhalessa is bordered by the Chamba district in the Himachal Pradesh.

The hilly and rocky land of Bhalessa is encircled by the extensive Himalaya Mountains from the north to the west. “Kalgoni” is the main river in Bhalessa which stretches out from “Kansozoo” and then later joins the “Chenab River”. In order to encourage tourism in Bhalessa, the Bhaderwah Development Authority is making constant efforts to promote this area. Tourists can witness the snow even in the June month. The famous Jai Valley is also located nearby Bhalessa.

Hanga, Noorie, Devchater and Kellar

This place is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Bhaderwah. This is a scenic spot located at the bank of the Hanga Nallah. The water of the Hanga Nallah is crystalline and it runs with muttering beats which makes the atmosphere very melodious. This lovely place received attention of the mass when the popular Bollywood movie “Noorie” was picturized here. Moreover, for the first time Bhaderwah got recognition for its culture as well as natural splendor.

This place attracts a plethora of adventure lovers who enjoy spending two-three nights here in exploring the wilderness and unexplored environs of the place. The trek usually starts from the “Noorie” village to a meadow named “Devchater” (located at an altitude of 15000 ft) and thereafter it goes down to the “Kellar” village. In between it passes through the “Chilly” village which is renowned for conserving the ancient culture, economy and lifestyle of this valley. The “Kellar” belt is well-known for horticulture and agriculture (rice fields. Here pear and apple trees are found in large quantities. This culturally vivid area also brags of numerous stone carved statues.

Yatras in Bhanderwah

Bhaderwah has grown up to be the centre of pilgrimage. The religious function of the well known Subernag temple which is located at 10,200 feet in the Swardhar Mountains starts from early April each year. The festival is celebrated for 2-3 days amongst the followers of Lord Shiva. Devotees across the nation come to offer worship in this occasion which is followed by another seven days of fair at Roushera around the temple of Roushera Devi.

The tourists from Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh gather to celebrate the prolong celebration of Navratri which happens for a span of 9 days at a stretch. Trekking is an adventurous option for the tourists who can both enjoy trekking and seek religious blessings at the same time. So popularly known as the “Yatras” or Holy treks, the pilgrim journey to Bhaderwah has an extensive importance to the natives as well as the tourists from all over India.

Here in this segment we will discuss about the 3 famous Yatras- Kailash Yatra, Machail and Mani Mahesh Yatra in detail for the readers. Among all the three Yatras, the Kailash Yatra is one of the most famous one due to its enriched historical impact. The following are the details for all these three Yatras:

Kailash Yatra

This Yatra starts from the Gatha in Baderwah and after that it goes to Ramtund and also Vasuki. At Vasuki nag this Yatra holds for a bit and then it goes to Kailash. The time for the Kailash Yatra is in the month of August of every year. It takes more than two to three hours to complete the periphery of the Kund which is considered to be an extremely holy endeavour to do.  In this occasion of Kailash Yatra many people participate in the Dako folk dance at the night and the best part is people from across the different communities participate in this genre of dance and enjoy themselves.

Machail Yatra

The Machail Yatra is trekked in the Baderwah-Pul Doda-Thatri-Machail route. This Yatra is the tradition of the Thakur family and ends at the Chandi Mata temple of Machail. Machail Yatra is trekked for around 48 days and the journey begins every year on 1st July. Almost 2000 to 3000 people visit Bhaderwah during this time. Mainly Hindu and Jain religious followers participate in this trek. So considering the stats it is one of the biggest Yatras among all these three Yatras purely on the basis of number of people turn on to take part in this Yatra.

Mani Mahesh Yatra

The Mani Mahesh Yatra commences every year in the month of August from the Bhaderwah town and moves to Mani Mahesh with Chari. Nearly 10000 people take active participation in this auspicious Yatra.  Since the year 2006 this famous Yatra starts on the 7th day of August each year. Like the other two Yatras, the Mani Mahesh Yatra is also considered to be an extremely religious trek for the people who are taking part in it.

Adventure Sports in Bhanderwah

Millions of people visit different places all across the world in search of exciting vacations. People who love thrill and enjoy the rush of adrenalin in their veins, are in continuous pursue of the places that are well equipped for trying out different adventurous games and sports. One of such destinations is Bhaderwah.

Situated in Doda district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, this mountainous valley offers great adventures to those who are keen of challenging sports. The town is not only famous for its picture perfect scenic beauty, but is also known for its daring terrains. These terrains offer huge scope for adventures seekers to try their hand on different games like paragliding and snow skiing.

On an addition, mountaineering and cross country motorbike and car rallies are one of Bhaderwah’s most popular events that invite and welcome millions of audiences from all over the globe. Mountain biking on the high altitude meadows is a sport that very brave would only take up. However, the rugged mountain terrains proof to be a perfect ground for mountain biking and is utterly dangerous. A look at it will surely give you Goosebumps. Here are some of the most popular activities that adventure seekers die to try their hands on.


Things to do in Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah offers a great deal of paragliding from heights of about 11,000 fts above sea level. The highest point being Seoj meadow at an altitude of 11,000 fts, is best both for basic and intermediate paragliders. If you are trying paragliding for the first time, the best spot for you could be Chinta and Jai valley, 6000 fts above sea level. It is alos used as a training ground for beginners. However, if you think you lie at a higher rank than beginner, Gurdanda, Sonbain, Khanitop and Thuba offers a favourable ambience for paragliding and is best for cross country flyers.

Mountain Biking

Things to do in Bhaderwah

The undulating meadows and mountainous treks are superbly suitable for mountain biking. It is one of the most recent activities in Bhaderwah and has gained popularity almost instantly since its introduction.

River Rafting

Things to do in Bhaderwah

This is another thrilling and adventurous sports activity that is famous in this part of India. May to September is the best time to go kayoking. Neeru and Dondi streams offer a great opportunity of white water rafting and the winter months of Nov to Feb are best for river rafting, when the volume of Chenab is at its minimum.

Snow Skiing

Things to do in Bhaderwah

On a height of 7000 to 8000 fts, Sonbain glacier on Ashapati Mountain is an ideal place for snow skiing, where snow never melts throughout a year. The high altitude meadows of Padri Gali is also a great destination for snow skiing. If you are a beginner, you can join the training sessions that are conducted at Chinta.

Trekking, Camping and Mountaineering

Things to do in Bhaderwah

The high altitude meadows of Bhaderwah offer some of the very popular and easy trek routes across Indian subcontinent. You don’t need any special skills or health qualifications for a trekking activity. Some of the famous trek routes are:
  • Bhaderwah to Seoj to Kailsh Kund to Nalthi Village.
  • Jai Bach Dhar to Padri to Thanalla Village
  • Hanga to Chilli to Khillani Village

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