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Gupt Ganga Temple Bhaderwah

A blend of Islamic culture with the Hindu culture of India can be witnessed at its best form in Kashmir. The disputed land holds in her bosom many stunning sites for tourists from around the world. The majority of the Kashmiri population practice Islam as their religion but then along with various Islamic Masjids there are numerous Hindu temples as well. Most of the Hindu temples are located in the Jammu region of the state. Out of all the temples in Jammu the Gupt Ganga Temple in Bhaderwah holds a special meaning to all the Hindus around the world.

Gupt Ganga Temple Bhaderwah

The Gupt Ganga Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva but it is also renowned for its importance in the Mahabharata. If you are planning a trip to Bhaderwah then you must plan a visit to the Gupt Ganga Temple irrespective of your religion.

History of Gupt Ganga Temple

When the Pandavas went into Agyatvas or hiding, they had stopped and taken shelter in Bhardakashi. Even though many feel that the tales from the Mahabharata are just fables, the Gupt Ganga Temple holds a clue that might prove the Mahabharata true. A stone in the temple has the clear footprint on it. The footprint is believed to belong to Bhima. There is an adjoining tunnel close to the temple. It is believed that the Pandavas one day vanished into the tunnel and headed towards an unknown destination. Many have attempted to find the end of the tunnel but none have succeeded. The tunnel has been closed for a number of years now.

History and significance of Gupt Ganga Temple

The temple is made entirely of stones. For hundreds of years the temple has stood there facing the onslaught of time. Today the stones are a little eroded but no less impressive. The reason why devotees flock to the temple is to witness a stream of clean spring water that falls on the Shiv Linga and then vanishes. The stream re-emerges outside the temple and collects into a pond. The water is supposed to be warm in winters and cool in summers. Pilgrims can take a bath in the pond. Water that comes from the stream is considered as holy as the water belongs to the river Ganga.

The Importance of Gupt Ganga Temple

This temple is considered to be one of the most holy places in the entire Jammu & Kashmir. People from across the world come here to visit this temple in order to convey their wish and the best part is it is believed that most of the wishes if made with honesty are likely to be fulfilled in the near future which makes this temple reliable to its devotees. So if you are planning to visit Bhaderwah, this is the temple you just can’t afford to miss out.

Reach Gupt Ganga Temple

Gupt Ganga Temple is located in Bhaderwah, Jammu and Kashmir. In Bhaderwah the temple is located to the East. At a distance of 0.5 kms from the bank of the river Neru you can find the temple.

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